Troubleshooting: My calls are not being forwarded

If you call your Vumber and calls are not forwarded as you expect, it can be understandably frustrating.

From our support tickets, we have assembled the top 4 reasons your calls might not be forwarded, in order of volume of tickets received.

1) You are calling from your forwarding number

When you call from your forwarding number, we think you are trying to retrieve your voicemail or make an outbound call, and you will hear the prompt "please enter the number to dial". Other callers will not hear this; they will be forwarded as expected.

2) The forwarding number is entered incorrectly or is not accepting calls

Call your forwarding number directly from another phone and double check it is correct and in service.

3) You are forwarding to an answering service or call center, and have not made appropriate changes to the settings.

When you forward to an answering service you will need to make some changes to the number settings. Please follow this link for more information.

4) You have business hours set, and you are calling outside of the business hours
Follow this link to check your business hours are set correctly. All calls received outside of business hours will be sent to voicemail. 

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