What settings do I use when I send calls to an answering service?

I am forwarding calls to an answering service. What settings do I use?

Receiving Calls
By default, Vumber numbers will ask you to press 1 to accept an incoming call. Also, if the call is not answered within about 25 seconds, the Vumber will take back the call and send it to Vumber's voicemail.
These default settings are unsuitable in some circumstances, for example, when you are forwarding calls to a live answering service.
For one,  the answering service may not answer within 25 seconds, and you don't want to waste time having the agent press 1 when they will take all calls.
In such circumstances, you will need to make changes to your Vumber number settings:
1) Turn off the requirement to press one to accept the call
2) Extend the time the call will ring at the forwarding number

1) Turn off "press one to accept the call."

  1. Log in to your account at https://app.vumber.com
  2. Choose My Number and select the number you want to configure from the list
  3. Select the 'Call Forwarding' tab
  4. Select 'put calls straight through.'

This will turn off the requirement to 'press 1' to accept an incoming Vumber call.

2) Extend the time the call will ring at the forwarding number

Now click "edit' next to the forwarding number and adjust the "rings" to a maximum of 120 seconds. This will ensure the calls ring long enough for your call answering service to answer the call.

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