Callier ID shows 'Scam Likely'

When someone calls your Vumber, your mobile phone rings as expected, but your caller id says "Scam Likely" 

This occurs when you receive an INCOMING call TO your Vumber number. Your Customers will not see this on an outgoing call FROM your Vumber number. They will just see your Vumber number and the city/state, or the caller id name you have set. 

Mobile carriers have recently implemented techniques to reduce and flag robocalls and scam calls. From our experience, T-Mobile, in particular, has implemented very aggressive detection and at times incorrectly flags calls we are forwarding. T-Mobile states "Enabling Scam Block may inadvertently block desired calls" and this is exactly what is happening in this case.

There are a couple of solutions to this

1) Turn off T-Mobile's "Scam Block" feature by dialing #632# from your phone or contacting T-Mobile directly.

2) Have your incoming calls show your Vumber number instead of the caller's caller id.

To make this change, please log in to your dashboard

  • Select My Numbers
  • Choose the number you want to configure
  • Click on the call forwarding tab
  • Select "Your caller ID will show:" --> "your Vumber number" 

Please contact T-Mobile directly to learn more about the call block features.

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