Text Message Consent

What opt-in / consent is required?

As a business, before you can text an end user, the end user must have consented to receive texts from you.

Under the opt-in section of the campaign registration, you will need to describe how you obtained this opt-in consent.


You can not text a user without their explicit consent to do so.

There are many methods companies can use to obtain consent. Examples include:

  • Collect a telephone number on a website and have the user tick a box to agree to receive text messages.
  • Advertise and ask users to text a keyword to opt-in to start receiving messages from you.

If you have a prior relationship with your customer, and your customer texts you about a specific question, for example, what time does your store close, you can respond with your store hours. You can not, however, text that user on a different subject unless that user has opted-in to receive texts on that subject. In either case, we still recommend obtaining consent by opting in.

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