Creating your text message brand

Creating your text message Brand

Before sending text messages, wireless carriers require all businesses to register their details.

Who needs to submit this information?

  • This is a requirement if you want to send texts from Vumber numbers with a local area code.

Who does not need to submit this information?

  • You do not need to complete this if you only text from toll-free (800, 888, 877, etc.) Vumber numbers.
  • You don't need to complete this if you don't send text messages and use your number exclusively to make and receive calls.

Do I need an EIN?

  • A valid EIN is required if you want to text from more than one number.

What information do I need to submit?

You must provide the following to register your brand:

  • Company legal name (this must match the EIN you provide below)
  • Address
    •   Please provide the address of the organization, not an individual employee's address.
  • The business type of your organization
    • Private Company
    • Public Traded Company
    • Non-Profit/Charity
    • Government 
    • Sole Proprietor 
      • Accounts registered as Sole Proprietorships may only send text messages from ONE number.
  • EIN
    •  A valid and accurate EIN must be provided for all non-Sole Proprietorship accounts.
    • You may wish to refer to recent tax documents (W2, I9, etc.) or consult with a tax professional to provide your organization’s correct EIN.
    • A DUNS Number is NOT acceptable in place of your valid EIN.
    • An incorrect EIN or EIN that does not match the legal company name might be rejected.
  • Industry
    • When selecting your industry, please select the field from the dropdown menu that closely aligns with your organization’s purpose.
  • Contact Details
    • Complete your contact details. You may be contacted to clarify information, so please ensure you supply accurate contact information.

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