How do I add a new user

Adding a user

To add a user to your account 

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. From the account menu on the top right choose 'Manage Users'
  3. Choose 'New User'
  4. Complete the new user form with the required information

When you create a user on your account, the possible roles are:

The  Account Owner has access to billing and plan information. Only the Account Owner can change the plan, cancel the account or update billing information.
An Administrator  can create new users, add and delete numbers and has access to all numbers settings.
Agents can view call records, make and return calls, send and respond to texts and can delete calls and text messages.

If you select the 'Send an invitation email' option, an invitation email will be sent to your new user. They will be invited to create a username and password and on completion will have access to your account at the role you selected.

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