Have the mobile app use your phone line not VoIP

This article relates to the new version 3 of the Vumber iOS and Android apps.

When you use the new Vumber iOS or Android app for iPhone to make an outbound call, you now have the choice to send the calls over

  1. your normal phone line, or 
  2. WiFi/your carrier's data connection using Voice over IP (VoIP)

By default, calls will be made over your normal cell phone line.

Using your normal phone line will have the following advantages:

1) Better call quality, especially if your traveling by car etc.

2) Calls will not be interrupted when other calls arrive.

3) Calls will not use eat into your data plan.

Using VoIP can be advantageous is the following circumstances:

1) You have poor or no cell coverage at your home or office - and you need to use WiFi to call.

2) You have a mobile plan that does not allow unlimited minutes.

3) Your mobile plan only allows to call locally and your Vumber number is not local.

By default, VoIP calling is turned OFF

If you want to enable VoIP calling, please follow these instructions:

In the Vumber app tap “+ More” -> “Settings” -> “App” and enable “VoIP Calling” as seen below.

Please contact support@vumber.com if you have questions.

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