Whisper Messages

We now support whisper message on all numbers and plans.

What is a Whisper Message?

Whisper messages let you know which Vumber was called before you speak to the caller, allowing you to greet your caller appropriately.

A whisper message is a short message that plays to the person answering the call just before the call is connected.  Your caller cannot hear the whisper. 

You can allocate a different whisper message to each Vumber number you have. So for example, if you have a Vumber for your recent "yellow card" campaign, you might create a message that speaks out "Call from yellow card mailing"

Why use a Whisper Message?

Knowing which Vumber was called helps you:

  • Answer calls with the most appropriate greeting, helping you sound more professional.
  • Save valuable time when talking to your Caller by knowing why they are called even before the call connects.
  • Better manage your time by allowing you to screen calls.

How do a use Whisper Messages?

You will find whisper messages is the call forwarding tab of your Vumber number settings

As always please reach out to [email protected] for further details or specific questions.

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