Beta iPhone App coming soon

Any many of you know we are preparing new versions of our iOS and Android apps. These are not updates to the existing apps out there - these are completely new versions, rewritten from the ground up.  

We now have the iPhone version in private bata. These are some of the issues this new version aims to fix:

1) All calls to and from to your Vumber account are displayed - in sync with the dashboard website.

2) Various texting issues are fixed.

3) T-Mobile customers, in certain geographic locations have been unable to use the app. This is fixed in the version.

4) Support of multiple users 

5) Better and more consistent call quality.

By far the biggest change will be our ability to update and add features to this new version. You can expect much more frequent updates and new feature releases when this version is released to the public.

If you currently use our iOS and experience difficulties and would like to join the private beta - please drop a line to and let them know.

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