How do I remove or change my voicemail pin/password

This is new documentation for our beta dashboard. Please excuse typos as we write and review this documentation

For additional security, we allow you to add a 4 digit PIN to your voicemail. You will be prompted for this PIN when you call your Vumber number from your registered phone, with the intention of placing an outgoing call, retrieving voicemail or recording a greeting.

To update or remove this PIN, please follow these steps:

1) Log in to your account at
2) Choose "My Numbers" from the left menu
3) Choose the Vumber number you want to configure - click in the number on the gear icon to the right.
4) Select the "Voicemail" tab

5) Toward the bottom of the page edit "Voicemail / Outbound Call PIN (4 digits)"

To remove the number, delete the PIN digits and 'save'

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