How does fax work

This is new documentation for our beta dashboard. Please excuse typos as we write and review this documentation

About 90% of our Vumber numbers can receive faxes.

Once you have enabled fax on your number (see below) - faxes will be automatically detected, captured and converted to PDF. You can view your received faxes in your Vumber dashboard, and/or have them automatically emailed to you on receipt.

Voice calls to your number are unaffected.  Voice calls will ring through to your phone (or go to voicemail) as normal. But your phone will not ring when you receive a fax.

Enabling Fax

To start, make sure you are logged into your account at

1) Choose "My Numbers" on the left side menu

2) Locate the Vumber number you want to configure and click the gear icon next to the number.

3) Now choose the "Fax" tab

Here you can enable or disable fax receipt and optionally have faxes sent to an email address.

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