How do I make an outbound call from the Vumber dashboard

This is new documentation for our beta dashboard. Please excuse typos as we write and review this documentation

Vumber allows you to make or return calls to your customers and have your Vumber number show as the caller ID on their phone.

There are several ways to make an outbound call using your Vumber. In the article, we explain how to return or make calls using the Vumber web portal.
You can also make Vumber calls using the following methods:
  1. Use the Android or iPhone App
  2. By dialing you Vumber number and then dialing your customer's number

Return a call through your Vumber Dashboard

The Vumber web portal allows you to return calls with a couple of clicks right from your desktop or smartphone.
First, log in to your Vumber account at
Locate the call you would like to return, click "more" on the right of the call record and then hit "Return Call"

A dialog box will be shown.

Note the "transfer call to this phone". This is the phone you would like to place the call from. When you hit "Place Call", in the example above, your phone 333 333 3333 will ring. Pick up the call. Press 1 when asked and a call will then be made to your customer. Its really that simple. Your customer will see your Vumber number is their caller ID.

2) Make a call (to a new number) through the web portal

To make a call to any number, and have your Vumber show in the called party's caller ID, from your dashboard, simply hit "Place Call" - as seen below.

The make call dialog will show:

  1. Enter the number you want to call
  2. Select the Vumber you want to call from
  3. Select the phone you want to use to make the call.
  4. Hit "Place Call" - your phone will ring - press 1 and your call will be placed.

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