Troubleshooting: My texts are not being delivered

1) 98% of our numbers are now enabled for text messaging. If you have an older number on your account, or you have added a new number to your account and you are unable to send or receive texts, please email [email protected] with details of the number in question.

2) If you have an existing number that has suddenly stopped being able to send text messages (but can still receive them) then consider whether the type of text you sent has been blocked but the mobile carriers (Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, etc)

Mobile carriers are becoming increasingly strict about the texts being sent to their customers, and due to recent changes introduced by the FCC, carriers are now willing and able to block texts that they deem 'inappropriate'.

They are particularly sensitive to texts with the exact same wording being sent from the same number to several different subscribers. 

To be clear Vumber is unlikely to block your texts and will most likely deliver your texts to the recipient's carrier. 

But if that carrier sees texts with the same wording going to several different numbers, and they do not see any reciprocal texts, they will not deliver those texts to their subscriber. Further, they will suppress the delivery of all texts from the number for a period, and that period will be longer on each infringement, with the number being eventually blocked entirely.

Again this is not something we have any control over. We can not "unblock" a number. Only you control this through the wording on your text, the recipients you send your texts to, and the frequency you send.

You will also have a better success rate if you send using a toll-free number, which will be considered a business communication ( and not a person to person communication)

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