System Updates

Here is a brief list of recent changes:

1) Text message length extended to 300.

Text message length has been extended on both the app and website to 300 characters, up from the standard 160. We are working hard to bring more enhancements to text, including picture texts (MMS). This change is available on all plans.

2) Auto-response text

You can now automatically send a text to a caller in response to a missed call or voicemail. Auto-response text is available on the Business Plan and up.

3) Ability to challenge callers.

Enabling our 'challenge callers' feature will mean that all callers to your number will be asked to press 1 to continue. This should cut down tremendously on automated prerecorded robocalls. We are also increasing our efforts to identify know spam callers blocking these calls before they even get to our network. Challenge caller is available on all plans.

4) Caller ID and Name

We have always provided the caller's name on incoming calls but we have bolstered the functionality and now have near 100% on all incoming numbers. Caller name is available on all plans.

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