Web Phone

We currently support the very latest versions of Google Chrome.

Once on the preview program, you will be able to launch the web dialer from the top menu bar. This will open a new browser window that contains just the web phone. If the web phone is blocked by a pop-up blocker - please unblock.

When you make your first call you will be prompted to give permission to access your microphone. This is required.

You only need to dial the 10-digit US number when dialing. No need to use international dialing prefixes etc.

Routing inbound calls to the web dialer

From your left menu, choose 'My Numbers'. Select 'configure' next to the Vumber number you want to update.

Select the 'Call Forwarding' tab, and under the "The numbers listed below will ring in the order shown" section, select the "Send calls to Web Dialer" option.

Edit the entry just created and select the username you want the inbound call sent to:

Calls to the selected Vumber number will not be routed to the web dialer agent. NOTE the agent must be logged into the web dialer to receive calls.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, questions, or concerns at [email protected]

We welcome questions directly from virtual assistants using the dialer on behalf of our customers.

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