New Vumber App Available

New iOS/iPhone and Android Vumber App Available

Version 3 of our Vumber App is available at the Android Play and the Apple App Store

There are a number of improvements in the apps:

1) All calls to and from to your Vumber account are displayed - in sync with the dashboard website.

2) Various texting issues are fixed.

3) T-Mobile customers, in certain geographic locations have been unable to use the app. This is fixed in the version.

4) Support of multiple users 

5) Better and more consistent call quality.

WiFi Calling now optional

This new version of the app now allows you to make Vumber calls using your normal phone line, which is often more reliable than calling over your WiFi connection or your carrier's data connection.

This change is described here:

Have the mobile app use your phone line not VoIP

The iOS / iPhone app is available in the Apple App Store

The Android version is available Android Play Store

As always please let us know if you have any feedback, questions or concerns by emailing [email protected]

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