How can I tell if the call is coming from my Vumber

This is new documentation for our beta dashboard. Please excuse typos as we write and review this documentation

1) Press one to accept this call.

When you receive a call from your Vumber number, on answering the call, you will be prompted to "press 1 to accept this call". This is your first indication that this is a Vumber call.

2) Add a whisper message 

A whisper message is a short message that plays to the person answering the call just before the call is connected.  Your caller cannot hear the whisper. 

Whisper messages let you know which Vumber was called before you speak to the caller, allowing you to greet your caller appropriately.

To set a whisper message for your Vumber, navigate to the configuration screen for the Vumber in question (see below), select the 'Call Forwarding' tab and adjust the 'Whisper Message' settings.

3) Send your Vumber number as the caller id 

You can also have the Vumber number shown as the caller ID on the incoming call. This is particularly useful if you have several Vumbers and you want to know which Vumber number is calling. 

You could also save each Vumber number as a contact on your phone. So when a call is received, your phone will show the Vumber number description you entered, 'product A', 'product B' etc. 

If you assign a custom ring to the Vumber contact, your phone will ring differently for each Vumber number you have.

This disadvantage of this method is that you no longer see the caller id of the caller when the call arrives. But remember, all that information is available to you when in your Vumber dashboard.

To make this change, please log in to your dashboard

1) Select My Numbers

2) Choose the number you want to configure

3) Click on the call forwarding tab

4) Select "Your caller ID will show:" --> "your Vumber number" 

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