Caller ID and Caller Name

When you use your Vumber to make an outbound call, you have the option of setting the descriptive text that is displayed alongside your Vumber number on the called party's phone.

This descriptive text is known as Caller ID Name or CNAM. can set the CNAM for you on request - but it is important to understand some of the industry-wide limitations of CNAM.
1) Whereas your phone number is sent by us when you make a call, the CNAM is not. CNAM is fetched by the local phone company of the person being called. They do this by dipping into a central CNAM database they subscribe too. If the database they dip is out of date - so will be the CNAM data.
2) After an initial request to populate or update CNAM, it can take up to 4 weeks for the major CNAM databases to update their data.  Some phone providers like Comcast and TimeWarner maintain their own CNAM databases instead of subscribing to systems used by major carriers. As such there might be a longer delay in updating these databases if they are updated at all.
3) CNAM is only supported for US local numbers - not toll-free, or any Canadian numbers.
4) CNAM is only displayed on landlines - cell phone operators do not offer CNAM on standard plans (T-Mobile do for an additional monthly fee).  In general, cell phone carriers defer to your personal contact list on your phone.

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