Sole Proprietor one number limit

Sole proprietor Vumber accounts are eligible to enable one Vumber number to send SMS text messages. All of your Vumber numbers will be able to receive SMS text messages while registered as a sole proprietor. Your registration status does not impact voice calling.  

To send SMS text messages from more than one Vumber number, you must register with a non-sole-proprietor organization type and provide your EIN.

Accounts registered with an EIN will be able to send and receive SMS text messages from up to 49 Vumber numbers per texting campaign. A registered account is eligible to run concurrent texting campaigns.

Please do not register as a sole proprietor if you plan to send text messages from multiple numbers. Please use your EIN or wait until you can provide an EIN before enrolling in text messaging. 

If you are unsure of your EIN or want to acquire an EIN for your business, we recommend consulting with a tax professional. 

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